Run For Your Lives: A Breakthrough in Deadvertising

With over 7 billion people on the planet and counting, human life has lost its value. From a strict economics standpoint. The market is saturated! I’m not saying you should start killing people so you have a greater market share, but next time a celebrity you never met dies? Maybe save your tears for the zombie apocalypse.

18 and over. No zombies. No fetuses.

Look at it like this, out in the woods after three days of nothing to eat, a cockroach is your friend. In your pantry full of food? They’re worthless. Humans are the new cockroaches. Flooding all the dark corners of the planet, devouring everything in sight. And the longer we live, combined with the less we contribute, the lower each of our life’s worth becomes. Thanks medical science.

Now, the only things with any real value are bullets, real estate, and ad space. And unlike cockroaches, we don’t have a chance at surviving nuclear winter.

Nobody seems to understand this better than Run For Your Lives who have just announced a breakthrough in advertising they’ve called “Deadvertising.” They’re running a contest where three lucky(?) winners will get a $5000 check towards their eventual funeral costs as long as they put on their tombstone.

Of course, they’re presuming that tombstones and the internet will still exist after a global SHTF situation but hats off to RFYL for coming up with the funniest epitaph in history.

With impending food shortages just over the horizon, you’re soon to be worth more dead than alive. So why not cash in? All the contest rules are available by clicking the image. →

And check out their Facebook page if you haven’t. Tell ‘em Hope For Zombies sent ya.

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Adam Hammer is a comedian from Los Angeles. Follow him onTwitter.


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